The Builder Book - Hard Copy

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Building your own home can be a dream come true. This book can help you make your dream become a reality. It is not a trick or a prize on a reality game show contest. You can build your own home with the help of the techniques in this book combined with the help of internet resources on my website. As you read my book, you will learn realistic building expectations and see how to achieve real building results. I wrote this book so the chapters follow the actual home building process step-by-step. The book begins with selecting a lot and ends with obtaining the final completion certificate. Whether you are building a $150,000.00 home or a $950,000.00 home, the building steps and processes follow the same construction path. Follow my “Inside Scoops” in each chapter, and you will save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours building your home. My book will give you an organized plan with YOU as the general contractor. Go ahead “jump in,” and my book will be the guide you need to help finish your new custom home.
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